Ways to boost your motivation to train

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Do you hate working out? These simple strategies will take you upstairs forever. Get motivated with these ways to increase your exercise motivation.


Excuses for not exercising

Many people could sum up their feelings about the exercise in two words. “This sucks, or I don’t like exercising at all.”

But then their thinking changes when, after a lot of urging from friends or acquaintances who wanted them to exercise with them, they have their feelings changed. Now, all those people are in the gym wanting to change their body and mind, and just grow a little bit more every day.

Just knowing that exercise is good for you sometimes doesn’t seem to be enough to get you moving. To stick with an exercise routine, you need a reason to keep going when that little inner voice says

“Sit on the couch and do nothing.” “Maybe you’ve had a bad experience at school, or maybe you’re afraid of being seen or hurt. Maybe even afraid to sweat.”

Bullying is a factor too, say the experts. When you’re out of shape, it takes courage to put on workout rags and realize with your head that you want to get into exercise.

If any of this sounds familiar, don’t give up hope. Here are inspirational and motivational exercise tips from fitness experts that are guaranteed to help you learn how to want to move and exercise.


Get Realistic

First-time beginners often set unrealistic goals that are too ambitious for those starting in the gym.

So don’t start by trying to work out for an hour every day. Instead, set achievable, more reasonable goals such as working out for 20 to 30 minutes two or three times a week.


Keep track of your progress

Remember to chart your progress, whether it’s with a high-tech online log or an old-school fitness magazine. Seeing improvements, whether it’s time, increased repetition, or more frequent workouts, can increase your motivation to exercise.


Don’t Expect Perfection

Another stumbling block is all or nothing, a perfectionist way of looking at life, which leads us to give up when a day or two passes, or your training doesn’t go well. Accept yourself and you will be better prepared mentally to deal with setbacks.

It is normal to get sick from time to time, and it is important to be psychologically prepared to miss a couple of days of exercise when this happens. Don’t let that be an excuse to give up. After that, a lot of people say, “I can’t exercise. But there’s always a way to exercise.

To keep injuries away from you, do your best to warm up, cool down, or stretch properly, and not do too much too soon.

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