The power of discipline in your life

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Generating the habit of discipline in our daily lives is a task that can be difficult for many. However, discipline can bring many more advantages than disadvantages, in fact, I can tell you with certainty that I do not find a disadvantage in being disciplined.


Discipline is a habit that is generated based on commitment, it is self-control, but above all I could say that discipline is to be clear about your goals, to have your eyes fixed on them, to such a degree that you are not able to succumb to any path that diverts you from them.


Discipline is the key to success. To be successful in your life, discipline is essential. I could mention others such as creativity, perseverance, effort, talent, intelligence. But discipline is the key to achieving your goals.

Without discipline, anything you do, which includes the work environment, to the personal environment, such as exercise, vices, healthy eating, would be impossible to achieve.

It is more than necessary to start working on your discipline if you want to be a successful, goal-achieving person.


The most accurate definition of discipline could be:


Discipline as the coordination of attitudes that seeks to achieve the order to carry out specific activities and/or achieve positive results as quickly as possible. As I mentioned above, discipline requires self-control, setting standards, objectives, rules, which must be met to achieve what you set out to do.


Going into the topic of standards, they are self-imposed standards, which are necessary to be successful. Let’s suppose, for example, that you set yourself the rule of getting up early every day, to make better use of your time and be more productive in your work.

This kind of rules are necessary to achieve goals, maybe if you fail, nobody will tell you anything, but you will be failing yourself, and a lot has to do with conscience, the fact that fulfilling the self-imposed rules, you feel better.


Establishing a commitment with ourselves is part of discipline, it is committing ourselves and having a clear vision of the future, of what we want for ourselves, and it is such a desire that nothing will stop you from achieving it.


Order is also a fundamental part of discipline, being orderly and committed is basic to not failing.


Demanding more from yourself, giving that extra, should be necessary when practising discipline. Why? Because when we establish a commitment with ourselves, we must know that we are capable of that and more, a person in search of excellence, does not like to be in their comfort zone.


Being disciplined must be a habit, something you must cultivate day by day.

Even if sometimes you don’t want to or feel you can’t, you MUST, that’s part of the discipline.


Many times you will feel that you don’t want to go on, that you can’t do it any more. You will want to give up on your goals and give up the battle. That is when discipline must come in, when you no longer want to, you must force yourself to do it, because you know that the reward is great and that everything is for your good.


Discipline is an essential part of success, and no, it is not difficult to acquire, you just have to be willing to commit to yourself, so seriously, and to your goals, that you will keep going, no matter if the outlook, on one or more occasions, is not the most encouraging.

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