The importance of training the Core

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The Core is an English word that means the nucleus. In sport, when we talk about the Core, we are referring to the central muscles that define our body, abdominals, hips, buttocks, lower back…

The Core is becoming more and more important for athletes. Having a strong core corrects posture, provides balance, stability and helps improve fitness and running efficiency. It avoids swinging and unnecessary work of other muscles. And improving energy transfer to arms and legs.

Training the Core has been proven to help reduce fatigue. By improving posture, the position of the shoulders, neck, and pelvis is corrected and the breathing rhythm is also optimized. A strong Core will make the muscles more efficient, so the energy expenditure is lower and our workouts can be somewhat longer.

Furthermore, if you strengthen this area you will help prevent injuries. Since the muscles in charge of balancing your body are also those that strengthen the spine, if your abdominals, lower back, and buttocks are strong when running, your body will not suffer the same impact from the stride as with a weak or unbalanced Core. This also has an impact on our legs and knees, since the transmission of energy is better and our movements will be more effective and powerful, optimizing our sports performance.

So our recommendation is not to neglect any muscle in your training. Being a regular runner does not mean that your buttocks are as strong as they should be. Practice new rotations for that area, you will be surprised by the results. The long-awaited “chocolate bar” can also cause an imbalance in our Core, as you work an area more intensely and your results can be affected in the race.

Many video and image tutorials can help you create a Core training routine, but we advise you to put yourself in the hands of a coach, individually or a group, you will notice the results in a very short time.

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