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✔️One glass of skimmed milk, approx. 215ml (half or whole on the square)
✔️A glass of cold water
✔️80gr whey protein chocolate brownie flavor (taste to taste)
✔️10gr sugar-free neutral gelatin


1️⃣Pour the glass of cold water into a small bowl with the neutral gelatine sheets to hydrate them.
2️⃣Put the milk and another half glass of water in a saucepan over high heat until it boils.
3️⃣When the milk boils, put it aside and add the neutral gelatine together with the excess water to hydrate it. Stir insistently so that it dissolves.
4️⃣Then put sweetener to taste and stir a little more (in my case a teaspoon of cyclamate).
5️⃣We add 3 scoops of whey protein powder of the preferred flavor. We stir again insistently to completely dissolve the protein.
6️⃣Once everything is well mixed, pour all the mixture equally in aluminum or silicone molds and let cool a little at room temperature. After this introduces them to the refrigerator and let them cool for a few hours so that they get consistency.
7️⃣In this case, we get about 7 flans of about 85g each approx.
8️⃣Eat as is or accompany to taste with light jam, walnuts, etc…


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