Pre and post natal training Josant Personal Trainer

During pregnancy, training should be carried out. There is increasing scientific evidence of all the benefits that it can bring to both mother and baby, during pregnancy and post-partum, it favours recovery.

It is clear that not just any training is valid, which is why it is important to put yourself in the hands of a qualified professional who knows how to plan according to the particularities of this special and complex state, such as the different manifestations and transformations that occur in each trimester and according to the characteristics of “each woman in that pregnancy”, as even in the same woman, this state can be totally different in each pregnancy. All these significant physical and emotional changes cannot be ignored when planning the training of a pregnant woman.

Training will help you:
-Have less painful labour and increase your sense of wellbeing.
-Increase your energy for everyday life by reducing the tiredness that normally comes with pregnancy.
-Achieve an adequate tone of the pelvic floor muscles and thus avoid urinary incontinence.
-Control your weight so as not to gain too many kilos and prevent subsequent weight retention.
-Preventing the back pains that pregnant women often have
-Improve or at least maintain your strength and endurance levels.
-Improve your sleep quality.
-Ensure the health of your baby through your healthy lifestyle.

Pre and post natal training Josant Personal Trainer

Get ready to face the most beautiful period with the strength, energy and quality of life your baby deserves.

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