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All the training and nutrition programming in the palm of your hand.

If you want to achieve great results, you are in the right place.

My main objective is to help you achieve your goals in the field of physical activity and health. I love my job and I care about my clients achieving their goals.

My priority is health, rather than aesthetics, so I don’t advocate losing weight in a few months or not paying attention to technique in training. I will teach you to think that you don’t usually find in planning like mobility for the different joints. I will teach you how to train your body and how to generate new habits.


My purpose will be to worry about your problems to adapt the plan according to your needs, getting individualized attention. I will be your partner in this journey that you are about to embark on, transmitting my knowledge to you, helping you to achieve the motivation that you may sometimes lack and solving your doubts so that you can achieve the desired results, enjoying the process.

My objective is clear and simple. I want you to be able to learn as much as possible during the time you spend under my guidance, without doubt, increasing your knowledge and your attachment to exercising and healthy eating. In the future, I hope that you will continue to improve even more without my help, by training and eating correctly.

The methodology I follow is to establish a training programme according to your goals/objectives. I adapt to your preferences and circumstances, so I will not have any problem when it comes to the training plan, as well as the nutritional plan.

Everything starts with an INITIAL EVALUATION in which I will be able to know better your health status, injury history, pathologies, eating habits, time available for training, days available for training, etc. This information will be essential when preparing the training and nutritional plan, which of course is personalized and individualized (don’t forget the latter).

Once you have the training and nutritional plan in your possession, on weekends I will need to follow up on several parameters and these must be respected, always responding on time, to do my job well. Once the service has been contracted, I will explain to you in more detail what this monitoring consists of.


It is essential to have commitment and motivation. We have to have an orderly, logical and healthy routine both in food and in training. You have to be constant, and I will understand perfectly if there is a lack of desire some days. It’s OK! It’s logical. I simply need you to make an effort and to comply with most of the plan and with the weekly and monthly reviews.

You probably prefer to lie to me in some cases such as having one more meal out of the house, missing a training session or others. I don’t recommend it, you must have had your reasons for it, and I’m not going to call your attention to it because I understand perfectly that everyone has their routine, but also their occasional events that come up without any planning, or even lack desire. Tell me everything and detail it clearly in each weekly review. In this way, I will be able to get to know you much better and assess your case and evolution more closely.

I don’t want extremism! I don’t need you to take some specific steps every day, nor do I need you to refuse a family member’s birthday lunch or a visit from a friend who has come by surprise. One-off events are always welcome, so please don’t reject them and enjoy them! My recommendation is that you don’t look for meals outside the home because they tend to go out from time to time, and I’m not in favour of “one cheat meal a week” because they tend to make us dependent on those meals when we don’t have to depend on them.


You can write to me through Whatsapp as many times as you want to solve any kind of doubt and even to get some notions about food, training, … The intention will always be to adapt us to a healthy lifestyle little by little, to have long-term goals and to improve month by month. Once we get a healthy routine, we will feel better week after week thanks to good training, a good diet and a good balance between these healthy details mentioned together with meals out of home and some cases of lack of training due to specific events. The point is to enjoy and learn so that tomorrow you will be able to have a balanced and healthy life on your own, so check all your doubts!

It is very important that, if you wish, you send me videos of your workouts by Whatsapp. Practising a good technique is essential to avoid possible injuries, even serious ones. I will correct your mistakes, explain to you how to do the exercise.

We all have a schedule in our lives: we have a job, a family, and leisure, things we like to do in our free time. These three things are indispensable to be happy and have a good dose of health as long as they are balanced. Therefore, in my work, I have a schedule. You can write to me through WhatsApp whenever you want, and I will answer your questions from 8 am to 10 pm. Sundays and public holidays are included, although if there is a holiday period, availability may be reduced a little. The 24/7 thing is not possible, nobody does it, even if they sell it. I, on the other hand, prefer to be realistic.


The training and nutritional plan can be modified every 4 or 5 weeks. This way you can progress month by month.

Even so, we can also establish the same training, with different stimuli and progressions, so that it is not necessary to change all the exercises, and you can continue to progress week after week.

But don’t worry, in case changes are necessary because we are not meeting our weekly goals, we can also modify things week by week.


  • £60/month
  • £150/3 months
  • £240/6 months

and includes:

-Questionnaire and initial evaluation.
-Prescription and planning of training and nutritional plan.
-Adjustments and continuous optimization of the training and nutritional plan.
-Weekly control and assessment.
-Daily contact by mail and WhatsApp (no time limit, questions answered in less than 24 hours, 100% guaranteed).
-Video analysis of exercise execution and technique.

Personally, I recommend working for a minimum of 3 months to ensure a good job, as, in most cases, 4-8 weeks is not enough. Normally improving food, improving body composition or optimizing performance (or all at once) requires a process of nutritional re-education, learning and assimilation of new concepts, and in most cases, a new lifestyle. Something that takes time, dedication and perseverance. With a minimum of consistency, adherence and constancy we will be able to verify the correct functioning of the established planning.


If you are part of the team and get a friend or relative to hire my advice, you will have a 50% discount in the next month!

The discounts are cumulative, but you cannot enjoy both in the same month. For example, if you bring someone, you will have a 50% discount in the next month and if you bring two, you will enjoy a 50% discount next month and the other 50% in the following month.
In the case of having a quarterly or half-yearly subscription, you will enjoy the bonus once those contracted months are over. You will have to contract a single month to enjoy the bonus and then, if you have no more outstanding bonuses, you can contract the quarterly or half-yearly subscription again.


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