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If your goal is to be fit, and that includes having a healthy percentage of fat and muscle mass, without going to any extreme, and being able to move your own body weight. What you need is my online training program.

The methodology that I follow is to establish a training program according to your goals / objectives. I adapt completely to your preferences and circumstances, so I will not have any problem when making the training plan, as well as the nutritional plan.


My purpose will be to care about your goals in order to adapt the plan according to your needs, obtaining an individualized attention. I will be your partner in this journey that you will undertake, transmitting my knowledge, helping you to achieve the motivation that sometimes you may be missing and solving your doubts so that you can achieve the desired results, enjoying the process. My goal is clear and simple; increasing your knowledge by exercise and healthy eating.

The methodology that I follow is to establish a training program according to your goals / objectives. I adapt completely to your preferences and circumstances. It all starts with an INITIAL EVALUATION in which I will be able to better know your health status, history of injuries, pathologies, eating habits, time available to train, days available to train, etc. This information will be essential when preparing the training and nutrition plan, which of course is totally personalized and individualized.

Once you have the training plan and nutritional plan in your possession, on weekends I will need to monitor several parameters and it is very important that they are respected, always responding in a timely manner, to be able to do my job well. Once the service is contracted, I will explain in more detail what this follow-up consists of.


  • Questionnaire and initial evaluation.
  • Prescription and planning of training plan and nutritional plan controlling all variables.
  • Daily plan updated monthly.
  • Adjustments and continuous optimization of the training plan and nutritional plan
  • Control and weekly assessment of progress.
  • Feedback continuous training plan and nutritional plan.
  • Daily contact by mail and whatsapp (no time limit, questions answered in less than 24 hours, guaranteed at 100%).
  • Analysis in video of execution and technique of the exercise.
  • Monthly assessment of body composition to verify results of the month.

Personally, I suggest working for at least 3 months to be able to ensure a good job, since in most cases it is not enough with 4-8 weeks.

Normally improving nutrition, improving body composition or optimizing performance (or all at once) requires a process of nutritional reeducation, learning and assimilation of new concepts, and in most cases, a new lifestyle. Something that takes time, dedication and perseverance.

With a minimum of consistency, adherence and consistency we can verify the correct functioning of the established schedule.

In case of contracting the service online, the money is not returned unless it is for medical leave.

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