My main goal is to help you achieve your goals in the field of physical activity and health. In short, I am a lover of physical activity and that is conveyed in everything I do. I love my job and worry about my clients achieving their goals.

My priority is health, rather than aesthetics, I am not in favour of losing weight in a few months or not paying attention to the technique in training. I’ll teach you things you don’t usually find in plannings such as mobility for different joints. I will teach you how to train your body and generate new habits.

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If you are reading this, it is because you have realized that you need to change your habits, because you need a sustainable diet and a much more active lifestyle.

Commitment and motivation are paramount. We have to keep an orderly, logical and healthy routine in both food and training. It is necessary to be constant and understand that there is lack of desire some days. Nothing happens! It’s totally logical. I just need you to enjoy the process.

I don’t want extremism! I don’t need you to do a number of concrete steps every day or to refuse a birthday meal or a surprise visit from a friend. Occasional events are always welcome, please don’t reject them and enjoy them!




– Rest is fundamental to any of your goals. Try to sleep an average of 8 hours per day.

If you don’t rest, look for the reasons and find a solution. With a good rest, we will have good training, state of mind and we will have more peace and initiative.


– Stay active, add steps and avoid transport when it comes to walking less than half an hour, as a minimum.

It is also not necessary to be extremists and all depends on every day, but try to exceed 10,000 steps.


– If you have a sports bracelet, make use of it since it will help us to know better your activity and your rest. This way I will be able to treat your case with greater accuracy.


– Your diet and personal training will be done in a personalized way since each person has specific needs according to many factors. Therefore, it will only work for you and not for third parties. In order to do this, you will need to respond to an initial form that I will send you at the beginning to get to know you in detail.

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My main objective is not to train you but to teach you how to train

Information on face-to-face training:


-What does this service consist of?

Training sessions fully individualized and supervised by me, the purpose of this service is to achieve the goals and / or objectives you have set.


-For whom is this service oriented?

For anyone who wants to achieve an improvement in physical condition and health. No matter what your goal is, we can achieve anything we set out to achieve.


-Where does the training session take place?

The training sessions can take place anywhere we agree or in your own home. I will take care of the necessary equipment at all times to carry out the session.


-What are my working hours/days?

I don’t have an established work schedule, I always try to adapt as much as possible to the availability of the client.





  TRAINING 1 TO 1 TRAINING 1 TO 2 or more 
BUNDLE 10 SESSIONS £320 £500
BUNDLE 20 SESSIONS £540 £750

– What does face-to-face training service include?

  •  Initial evaluation: In order to be able to work together, I will need to know all your sporting and clinical history, your life habits, availability, preferences, objectives and many other things that allow me to carry out the training sessions in a safe and controlled way. A document will be sent to you for you to fill it out.


  • Individualized training: I will plan a totally individualized training program so that you can achieve your goals and/or objectives in the shortest possible time. The training sessions will be fully supervised by me. It also includes a follow-up so that you can observe the evolution of the training and the adaptations that are taking place in your body. You will be able to keep in touch with me at all times.


  •  Complementary training: I am going to plan a complimentary training to the one we do together in the face-to-face sessions so that you can do it on your own on the days we don’t train together.


  • Nutritional plan: I will design a nutritional plan according to your needs which will help you get a good diet and help you achieve your goal.


  •  Follow-up: We will work with a weekly follow-up in order to adjust the intensity of the training sessions and nutritional plan.






In order to guarantee a good training service, the following standards are established, in order to ensure a quality service:


Responsibility of the Trainer:

  1. To provide an initial evaluation to the client and to carry out a previous study before beginning with the training.
  2. Assist in determining realistic goals and objectives.
  3. Provide the correct exercise technique.
  4. Evaluate and modify the exercise program according to the changes and needs of the client.
  5. You are required to inform the client in advance of any changes in days and hours.
  6. If the trainer is late for a session, the session will be given the time contracted by the client.
  7. No session will be modified unless it is due to health problems.
  8. In case the trainer moves a session, if the client does not like the new date, the service can be extended by one week.


Responsibilities of the Client:

  1. Punctuality and cancellations of sessions.

– The client must notify 6 hours in advance of a cancellation. In case of notification in a period less than 6 hours, the severity of the case will be evaluated and it will be seen what agreement can be reached.

– If the weather is adverse, you can cancel and look for another day without any problem.

– Each weekend you will have to notify which day and at what time you can do the training for the following week. It is recommended to do it as soon as possible in order to have more options to train at the time you want. In case of not doing it, it will be possible to assign the schedule that I am free.

– If the client arrives late to a session, the session will be given only for the remaining time.

– Personal training sessions expire one month after the date of purchase. If not all of them are done, the remaining ones will be saved for the following month as long as the same sessions are contracted. If they are not done the following month, a second month will not be saved.

  1. Follow the recommendations of your physical evaluation.
  2. Commitment to the program.
  3. Follow your coach’s advice on activities to be done outside of the time you spend with the personal trainer.
  4. Keep in constant communication with your coach. It is crucial that the client keep the coach informed of any pain or discomfort.
  5. If you hire a certain number of personal training sessions and are unable to complete the sessions due to health problems, with medical certification, your training sessions may be held for as long as necessary.
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