If I eat fruit, will I get fat?

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Fruit doesn’t make you fat. It’s a myth.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard it and read it around. You can see for yourself. You just have to go to Google, ask if the fruit is fattening and see how among those who say that nothing happens, there are articles with titles like:


The 7 fruits that fatten more. Which are the fruits that fatten more?


It is a pity that this is the case because it confuses many.


These are the false beliefs around the fruit that you have ever heard:


  • Do not eat fruit because it has sugar and “everyone” knows that it is the No. 1 problem in our diet.
  • Do not eat fruit at night, because you will not burn the sugar (hydrates) they have and will become fat.
  • Fruits can only be eaten when the planets are aligned and under the supervision of a shaman. If not, all the fruit is automatically converted to fat.


But… where does the myth come from?


Myths have a fairly logical basis. Otherwise, no one would believe them.


The problem is that logic has no scientific evidence behind it. Or, if it does, it is not reliable enough (there are even companies that pay for “scientific” studies to favour their point of view).


The myth of the fruit is based on these 3 points:


1. Demonization of hydrates and sugars. In recent years, sugars and hydrates have been referred to as the devil himself.


However, if you look back 15 years, the great enemy was fat and its calories.


That’s why zero products (without sugars) and, then, light products (low in calories and without fat) are now triumphant.



2. The need to find 1 enemy to blame.


In nutrition, it seems that there must always be an enemy guilty of everything: fats, hydrates, meat, eggs, etc..


The reality is that 99% of the time the problem of overweight depends on many factors, not just 1 thing like eating fruit.


I explain.


Put the blame for fattening the fruit when someone eats badly (and does not move), is like saying that he is overweight because he eats 2 bananas a day and not because he eats a plate of macaroni the size of a boat and then stays on the sofa lying down. Hehehe


Seen like that, it doesn’t make sense, does it?



3. The desire to attract attention and earn money. This is simpler than it seems.


It’s easier to sell when you say: “the enemy is the fruit, here’s my slimming product that has NO fruit”.


Think that we have always been told that fruit is healthy. Now it turns out not to be? It’s the least flashy. Suspect.



This is the reality about fruit and why it doesn’t make you fat.


The easiest way to prove it to you is to make a comparison between two ways of eating sugar: one of the most demonized fruits like a banana vs. a brownie.


In a banana:

  • There is a fairly high amount of water (74% and that is one of the fruits with the least water). So it has less kcal/g.
  • It has a lot of fiber. Helps delay sugar absorption. It is also satiating and helps us eat a lot less.
  • Contains a lot of nutrients.
  • It has about 12g of sugar per 100g and is sugar naturally present in the fruit.
  • 89 lime per 100g.


In a brownie:

  • Less water than fruit (7%) More calories per gram. It is a caloric pump.
  • It has hardly any fiber, so the sugar quickly passes into the blood and, on top of that, it will barely satisfy you.
  • It has a lot of added sugars. About 50g of sugar per 100g.
  • Nutrients… we don’t even talk.
  • 466 lime per 100g (or more).


I don’t think there’s a point of comparison, is there?


Yes, they both have sugar, but it’s not just sugar you eat.


Fruit has less sugar (and it’s not artificially added sugar), satiates more because of its fiber and water content, and provides many more nutrients.


They are not comparable.


Moreover, realize that the fault is not the sugar itself, nor the hydrates. The problem is to eat a product of very poor quality and high calorie, then throw yourself on the sofa.


And that’s not to mention quantities.


It’s easier to gorge on cakes than fruit (more calories). Precisely because of the satiating effect of the fibre, it is very difficult to gain weight from fruit. You should eat a lot.


In short: eating fruit is not what makes you fat, but poor nutrition and / or a sedentary lifestyle.


Summary 2: more bananas and fewer brownies.


A few tips on how to incorporate fruit into your diet


  1. Much better whole than in juice. When you make a juice, you are removing most of the fiber to keep only the liquid.


In addition, you ingest much more by removing the fiber and not having to chew.


In a juice, you can drink 6 oranges quietly, but I doubt you will eat 6 oranges in a row, jejeje


An intermediate option can be smoothies, since they maintain the fiber. Although the whole fruit is still better because it forces you to chew (eat less).



  1. Choose the ones you like best, don’t go for the fashionable fruit. Every time a fruit becomes fashionable, 13123 magical properties are taken out of it. If you like it, perfect. If not, keep on eating the usual ones.


For example, I love raspberries and blueberries.


It’s more… I usually put the blueberries in the raspberries and eat them at the same time. Try it!



  1. Just because something has fruit doesn’t mean it’s good. Yes, fruit is good, but the rest may not be good at all.


Strawberries are healthy, but a bowl of strawberries with cream and condensed milk has little healthy in it.


Being exaggerated is easy to see, but… what if we talk about cookies with fruit?


It’s not that easy anymore. You should take a good look at the list of ingredients.



I would say that the myth of fruit is more than disproved, right?


If you don’t drink fruit, choose one and drink at least 2 pieces a day. It’s a good start. Above all, if that fruit replaces the typical sweet for breakfast or snack.


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