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I don’t have time to train, not because I think it’s a lie, but because no one should have so many obligations that they can’t spend half an hour taking care of the most important thing they have.

You probably work, you have a house to run, children who demand your attention, parents to whom you owe everything, a boss who needs a report tomorrow, and a friend who wants you to go shopping with him.

And yet I go and tell you to train, which is going to be very good for me. I’m not going to give you the usual slap on the wrist about the benefits of training for our bodies, I’m just going to give you 3 little thoughts about your time and your health.



Imagine that the benefits of training were not reflexive, but that they fell obligatorily on someone else. And that no one could train to improve their health, only others.

So, if every training you did directly improved the health of your dearest person, partner, children, parents… whoever you want, do you think you would get more time to take care of yourself, or rather, to take care of them?

Stop for a second and think about it.

If your answer is yes, then you are aware of how important it is to have a healthy body, you just have to guess who is the target of the improvements.



Have you noticed that the vast majority of successful people take care of themselves and a lot? -Of course, they live off their bodies, you mean.

Not so, it is a matter of responsibility, I can talk about it with knowledge because most of the people I train are people with jobs on which they depend, not only their family but many families. But none of them give up training, simply because they know that no matter how much money or success they have, they will never be able to buy health.

People who have succeeded in life are usually demanding and organized people, able to block out their obligations and thus make time for what is really important. That is the key.

We are wrong when we say that if I were such a TV presenter or the most important lawyer in Spain I would also find time to take care of myself, reading is exactly the opposite. When we become organized people and learn to prioritize and delegate, only then will we be successful people.



Many times we go to great lengths for others, we go around like headless chicken performing tasks that would not always be our due. It is our show of affection for those people we love, but is it valued?

We all tend to admire those people with self-respect. In fact, admiration is one of the necessary ingredients for love.

And self-care is an indispensable tool for self-esteem. Your people will respect and love you more when they see that you care and are cared for. It sounds as hard as it really is.

The moment you’re working out, it’s a moment that’s dedicated to you, that you have in reserve and that you do what you want. For a while, you stop feeling that day-to-day “slavery” that takes us back and forth without thinking about why. This reunion with yourself makes you see everything else from a distance, giving each thing its real value.

In favor of doing some exercise I will tell you that, although it sounds like a big deal, people who exercise are much more active and get much more out of the rest of the day.

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