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Now that we have to be all at home because of the coronavirus (covid-19), it is a very good option to train with dumbbells or elastic bands.
As it is very difficult to calculate the weight you need to do certain repetitions and at home, we have few resources, we can use the method of training by RIR (Reps in reserve).


What does RIR mean?

Reps in reserve refer to those repetitions that you could perform until you reach muscle failure (not being able to lift the load because your muscles fail) once you finish the series. For you to understand it perfectly let’s take an example, let’s imagine you are doing a series of 10 push-ups, a beginner will probably do the 10 reps to the limit, that is, he will not leave any reps in the chamber because he would not be able to do the 11th reps. On the other hand, an intermediate person who, when he finishes the 10 push-ups, has the feeling of being able to do up to 15 reps will have left 5 reps in the chamber, that is, he could have done only 5 reps in addition to the 10 until he reached muscle failure.
When you see 1 x 10 RIR3 it means that you have to do a series of 10 reps with a weight that you can only do 13 reps with, i.e. leave 3 reps in the chamber.


Tension in the reps?

Lower the load in a controlled manner 2-3 seconds, pause for less than 1 second and raise the load as quickly as possible or in a controlled manner if you do not control this exercise well.
This way you will be able to work all the muscles you are exercising well.


How many sets can I do?

I think it is essential to do at least 3 sets. This way you will be able to work properly and stay healthy.


Rest between sets?

Rest all the time you need to be able to do the next series without any problem. There is no rush, so take your time.


Stay at home, stay active and stay safe

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