Bootcamps Josant Personal Trainer

New Group Training, with sessions aimed at fully improving physical condition and health.

Train your strength, improve your resistance, increase your flexibility and reduce the risk of injury safely and dynamically.

My training method is based on improving physical condition. We combine physical exercise and fun to achieve your goals.

It’s time to move, train effectively and enjoy healthy physical exercise.



It is aimed at all those people who prefer to practice physical activity in a group setting with friends, partners, family, strangers, in such a way that it is group training that trains in a dynamic and fun way in sessions designed by the personal trainer, who plans according to the needs and preferences of the individuals.



– Initial evaluation of health status and life habits.

– Evaluation of body composition, static postural analysis, dynamic postural analysis and physical condition tests (strength, resistance, flexibility, balance…)

– Nutritional advice and recommendation.

– 60´ sessions with the trainer.


Benefits of Group Training:

-MOTIVATION: The fact that you feel that you are staying with a group increases your motivation since each of the members will join together to achieve individual and group objectives. Each participant will feel more committed to the final goal of the team.

-OPTIMIZE TRAINING TIME: You will make better use of your time to train, and the useful time will increase, you don’t know how much they can give of themselves 60 minutes.

-SOCIAL COMPONENT: In the groups, the atmosphere is much more relaxed, people interact with each other, laugh more, share experiences and can create an atmosphere that increases the mood of the participants.



Monday, Wednesday and Friday → 7:00-8:00

Monday, Wednesday and Friday → 8:15-9:15

Monday, Wednesday and Friday → 9:30-10:30

Monday, Wednesday and Friday → 15:00-16:00

Monday, Wednesday and Friday → 19:00-20:00



Pay as you go: £10

Bundle 6 sessions: £54 – Valid 1 month

Unlimited sessions in one month: £90

*First sessions is FREE



Wandsworth Common Park


-Are boot camps suitable for beginners?

Of course. Training will go ahead, so you can go at your own pace and you can rest when you need to.


-When can I start training?

Whenever you want, but don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. The packages don’t need to start at the beginning of the month.


-What training will we do in the bootcamps?

The training will be different every day. The methodology of the training will be to make sure that the dosage of exercise is appropriate for each muscle group so that it will help you to progress.


-Can I bring a friend?

Of course, you can. All packs can be shared (except the unlimited package) with friends.


-What forms of payment are there?

You can pay with cash, make a bank transfer or send the money via PayPal. Choose the payment method you prefer.


-If it rains, is the training cancelled?
It all depends on the intensity of the rain, that’s why I’ll inform you hours before if the training is cancelled or not. Besides, if we get wet, nothing happens, we have to give everything to achieve our goals. Nothing and nothing will stop us.


-What should I bring to classes?

You can bring water, a mat and comfortable clothes for training. But above all, you have to bring a desire to train and have fun.

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